Where were you born?

A simple question but, strangely, one to which I cannot give a straight answer. The reason is that I was born in India, in a city that is now in Pakistan, a different country.

But memories of my childhood in a distant place at a historically interesting time have proved invaluable for providing the backdrop to my next novel. More about that later.

In the meantime, I am delighted to announce that I have a new publisher, 3p publishing based in Northamptonshire. My four novels are to be re-launched as paperbacks, all with new covers. Payback was my first book, so it will be the first to be re-released. That is scheduled to happen in three weeks’ time and the others will follow.

The new book covers will make a refreshing change in presentation, something that has already happened with my website, www.chriscalder.com. It is so much better than the old one, thanks to webmaster Simon at unumbox.com. If you take a moment to check out my new site, you will see that we now offer an option for buying the paperbacks direct from 3P. As each becomes available, we shall publicise the launch date three weeks in advance.

Every book on the pre-order list will be signed by me. I look forward to getting writer’s cramp!