Chris Calder - Payback - cover with title


A pacey revenge thriller that
twists and turns all the way through.

Geoff Summers is a brilliant designer of electronic control systems for a company that manufactures and installs anti-burglar equipment. When his wife Penny dies following a brain operation, Geoff’s life is shattered.

Worse, his vindictive new managing director prevents Geoff from fulfilling Penny’s dying wish. Embittered, Geoff is determined to bring the man down.

Geoff alters a few controllers that are for jobs in progress. One is for the home of Jim Warwick, a businessman who has made the bulk of his fortune trading in drugs. Geoff changes the controllers so that they can be switched off by a special remote that he makes in secret. He quits his job and teams up with a gang of criminals, using the  remote to pull off several lucrative heists.

The last job takes place at Warwick’s house, where the story reaches its explosive climax. Geoff’s revenge is ingenious, slow and sweet.

“An intriguing storyline, Payback delivers what it promises. A complex plot, interesting characters, humor, mystery, and pathos all wrapped in up a plot centering on filial devotion. The main character's love for his wife, her demise, and reparations against the odious administrator who sullied her final wish provide a satisfying conclusion to a well-told story.”John W

“A high quality, fast-paced novel with a completely original plot. It compares well with the likes of Fleming, Forsyth and MacLean although it is more direct and compact than their bestsellers. The climax is beautifully constructed with tension, excitement and some almost slapstick humour.
I think that this is more about justice rather than revenge and an innovative plan to achieve this without relying on the judiciary.” - 
Robin Garrett

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Never underestimate the simmering wrath

of an intelligent man unjustly wronged.

Geoff Summers is a brilliant designer of electronic

controllers for anti-burglar systems. When his vindictive new boss prevents Geoff from fulfilling his wife’s dying wish, he is determined to get even.

Geoff secretly makes a device that will allow him to

switch off remotely the controls of five systems in

production. Then he quits his job and makes contact

with a gang of burglars. Together they carry out five

lucrative heists, but the gang wants more.....

No longer able to provide what they want and with

his life under threat, how does Geoff get out?


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