My stories are not ‘genre-specific’. Many very good authors write books that are linked in series, but as my plots arise out of my own experience, they are what they are, ‘stand alones’. That said, three of the four published so far may be described loosely as thrillers.

A pacey revenge thriller that twists and turns all the way through.

Never underestimate the simmering wrath of an intelligent man unjustly wronged. Geoff Summers is a brilliant designer of electronic controllers for anti-burglar systems. When his vindictive new boss prevents Geoff from fulfilling his wife’s dying wish, he is determined to get even.

Geoff secretly makes a device that will allow him to switch off remotely the controls of five systems in production. Then he quits his job and makes contact with a gang of burglars. Together they carry out five lucrative heists but the gang wants more.

No longer able to provide what they want and with his life under threat, how does Geoff get out of the mess?

A British politician becomes an ISIS target.

A Muslim businessman is murdered in England in an act of medieval savagery. On the body the police find the business card of MP Edmund Lafitte. It is stained with a bloody thumbprint. Edmund is now a marked man.

A nerve-tingling
suspense thriller.

The sensational space plane Celeste Three disappears on a routine flight. On board is Viktor Karenkov, a corrupt Russian oligarch who has used his fortune to evade capture and trial for murder.

Gregory Topozian, a victim of Karenkov’s greed, seizes his chance to get even. He finds a way to divert Celeste and bring the villain to justice.

A priest suffers the torture of conflict between his duty and his ingrained beliefs.

Dominic Barratt, a priest who has a degree in Psychology, is ordered by his bishop to use his expertise to help other priests who have problems.

Bound by his vows, Dominic cannot refuse, although he is tortured by desires that conflict with his ingrained, deeply held beliefs.

Twin mixed-race boys born in India are separated at birth

Growing Apart is about twin boys born in 1937 in India, of a clandestine relationship between an English civil servant and a vivacious Anglo-Indian woman. She dies in childbirth. One boy is adopted and raised in India. The other is taken by his natural father to England, where he enjoys a privileged middle-class English upbringing. The story builds to a climax when the twins finally meet in a scene where the life of one is in imminent danger.