Do you have an identical twin out there, somewhere? You don’t? Are you sure? What I am asking is this: Is it possible that, somewhere in the world, you have an identical twin about whom you know absolutely nothing? I don’t mean a double or a doppelgänger. I mean seriously, an identical twin?

Whatever you may think to the contrary, it is possible. Unlikely? Perhaps. Extremely unlikely? Yes, in fact, highly improbable. But not impossible. I say that because although you were present at your birth, you were not in any way able to observe what happened. You were born, but how can you be absolutely, totally certain that you were the only baby born to your mother on that day?

A spooky thought! I have just completed my fifth novel, GROWING APART. It is the story of twin boys, David and Edward, who are separated when their mother dies in childbirth. David is adopted and raised in India. Edward grows up in England, unaware of the existence of his twin.

And all this happens between the years 1936 and 1962. I suppose that would be classed as ‘history’ by most readers today!