Is the world a safer place?

Right now, in the first weeks of the first month of the first year of a new decade, is the world a safer place than it was last year? Or the year before?

Somebody had just stuck a red hot poker into a hornet’s nest in the Middle East. The “bad” guys are not happy. But hey! The “most powerful man on earth” was democratically elected, right? So it’s OK, right? Hmm…

Seriously, whatever your politics, it has to be admitted that at the moment, every thinking person on the planet is wondering how this is going to end. With fingers crossed on sweaty palms, all sane folk are hoping that it will be with a whimper, not a bang.

My recently re-launched novel KISMET lifts a corner of the blanket of secrecy covering some of the activities of ISIS. What motivates their passionate followers? How do they raise the funds to keep going – even when forced underground as they are now? Curious? Take a look at this extract here.

But do remember that it is fiction. That’s what I do. Happy reading.