Holding My Hand Up!

The longer you live, the more wisdom you acquire. Right? Er…not necessarily. I have to hold my hand up; I made a huge mistake a little while ago.

For the better part of the last year it’s been a torrid time, one way and another. When I sent out my last message I was on a ‘high’, signing up with a new publisher who was to re-launch my novels with new covers, all in a ‘corporate’ style to make them immediately recognizable as Calder books.

A great plan, but unfortunately it did not go as expected.

Bad enough, but the publishing thing went pear-shaped at a time when I had to contend with knee surgery and all the joy that brings. (Digression – I know a marathon runner who brags about having had both his knees replaced. So, does my single replacement qualify me for half-marathons?)

So to get the publishing sorted it was a case of ‘Back to ‘Square One’. With the help of the Alliance of Independent Authors I found another publisher, one who is on that august association’s recommended list. Heddon Publishing is not large but the company is totally professional and is a joy to work with. My novel Celeste Three is Missing is to be re-launched (drum roll, please). I believe that I am at last in good hands. The future’s bright.

Today is “Make an old Scribbler Happy” day. You didn’t know? All you have to do is to message me for a free ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) PDF or Word of my novel Celeste Three is Missing, before the relaunch of the new edition on Monday 12th August. Happy reading!