Do you recognise this building?

India holiday 105

Do you recognise this building? Hands up if you know that it’s the stunning Lake Palace (now a hotel) on Lake Pichola in Udaipur, India.

I took this photograph when visiting the area a few years ago. It was on my first trip back to India, the land of my birth, and to the state of Rajasthan. It was there, in a boarding school in the hill station known as Mount Abu not far from Udaipur, that I had been gifted the education that was to lead eventually, to my emergence as a writer of novels.

Memories from my happy childhood in India helped to add authenticity to the narrative that is my latest novel. Called “Growing Apart”, it is a story about mixed-race identical twins born at around the same time as I was. A long time ago! One, called David, is adopted, and raised in India, the other is taken by his father to England where he is grows up in the relative comfort of middle-class English society. You can find it here.

Let me know what you think of the story and especially how it could have been better. I welcome input from readers and always respond to messages.
Chris Calder