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As an author of fiction, I value readers’ opinions and genuinely welcome all feedback. I truly believe that it is the best way to improve what I do.

As a reader of fiction, you expect to be diverted and entertained, something that I try never to forget. No work of fiction ever published could not have been improved in some way. So I am keen to hear your views and always respond personally to contact from readers.

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Latest Blogs

Karen’s Shout

October 14, 2021

Guinness is Good For You So, we had decided it was time to get a new dog. Well, not actually new, more rescue. Our beloved Staffie and her ‘sister’, an elderly English bull terrier, both left us in 2019. We started with the internet of course, always the first port of call for anything these days, and there were thousands…

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Laura’s Shout

October 14, 2021

Hello, My name is Laura Lawrie. I am married, with two grown-up daughters. I retired five years ago at the age of fifty-seven, having worked for the Local Authority for twenty years as a Senior Practitioner Social Worker. I had always envisaged working until age sixty but when  the opportunity to retire early arose, I did not  hesitate. It was…

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Kizzi’s Shout

July 20, 2021

In the UK, as in most of Europe, trust in politicians and the political system is steadily declining year after year. Political apathy among all age groups is high and protests are getting louder, more frequent and more violent. In the UK, many feel that they are not getting a fair deal and social mobility has stalled. The consequence of…

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