The saying is, “You cannot choose your parents”. True. So it was only by chance, pure good fortune that I was born and raised in India, during what is now known as the Raj period.

I moved to England in the mid-fifties, arguably at a time when the quality of life was in many ways better than it has been since. If you agree, maybe we share the same values?

Over the years I had engineering devices patented three times. They gave me the satisfaction of making a reasonable living. Happy days, but life is even better now because I have been gifted the time and motivation to indulge my passion for writing and getting involved directly with you, my readers.

Clackety - clack, clakety - clack, clackety - clack, ping!

Ever seen one of these? Outside a museum, I mean? I learned to touch type on one and it was nearly new at the time. Yes, really! You get the message, I’m no longer young. But with the gift of a mountain of life experience, certainly well qualified to be a scribbler of engaging fiction.

Maybe that’s why I believe passionately that the skills and wisdom of older folk need to be more highly valued than they are.

Nothing pleases me more than engaging directly with readers, hearing your views and using them to improve what I do. Best of all, it’s fun! So tell me, please, and help me to become a better writer.


Chris's Novels

A pacey revenge thriller that twists and turns all the way through.

Geoff Summers is a hard-working designer of anti-burglar systems who is devastated when his lovely wife dies. His vindictive new boss denies him the chance to fulfil her dying wish, so he determines to get even.

Geoff secretly makes changes to a few controllers on the production line and then quits his job. His revenge is slow, sweet and undetectable.


A British politician becomes an ISIS target.

A Muslim businessman is murdered in England in an act of medieval savagery. On the body the police find the business card of MP Edmund Lafitte. It is stained with a bloody thumbprint. Edmund is now a marked man.

Celeste Three is Missing

A nerve-tingling
suspense thriller.

The sensational space plane Celeste Three disappears on a routine flight. On board is Viktor Karenkov, a corrupt Russian oligarch who has used his fortune to evade capture and trial for murder.

Gregory Topozian, a victim of Karenkov’s greed, seizes his chance to get even. He finds a way to divert Celeste and bring the villain to justice.

A priest suffers the torture of conflict between his duty and his ingrained beliefs.

Dominic Barratt, a priest who has a degree in Psychology, is ordered by his bishop to use his expertise to help other priests who have problems.

Bound by his vows, Dominic cannot refuse, although he is tortured by desires that conflict with his ingrained, deeply held beliefs.

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A simple question but, strangely, one to which I cannot give a straight answer. The reason is that I was born in India, in a city that is now in Pakistan, a different country. But memories of my childhood in a distant place at a historically interesting time have proved invaluable for providing the backdrop to my next novel. More…

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