Celeste Three is Missing

Celeste Three, the sensational space plane that is the world’s first earth orbiting passenger service aircraft, mysteriously disappears without trace.

On board this routine flight is Viktor Karenkov, the billionaire Russian oil magnate who had corruptly acquired engineer Gregory Topozian’s mining licence and exploration site years earlier in the USSR. In the process he murdered Gregory’s deputy in cold blood. Unknown to Karenkov the incident was recorded on CCTV.

Gregory swore vengeance but could not use the evidence whilst the oligarch built his fortune in Russia, protected by dishonest political cronies and a shield of the tightest personal security.

But when Karenkov books a flight on Celeste, Gregory seizes the chance to bring the man to justice. He conceives an audacious plan to achieve this aim, despite having to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

This is a thriller that pulls you in and keeps you enthralled, right to the end. So climb aboard and take the ride of a lifetime on Celeste.

A nerve-tingling suspense thriller..

“I loved this novel. Set in modern day this story is exciting and up to the minute. The characters are believable and the style of writing is good. It is a page turner with a good ending. I would happily read more novels by this author.” - Linzlouise

Chris is an author who discovered the delicious agony (his words) of novel writing late in life.

He’s not retired, he has simply changed professions and is now a full-time novelist.

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