Never underestimate the simmering wrath of an intelligent man unjustly wronged. Geoff Summers is a brilliant designer of electronic controllers for anti-burglar systems. When his vindictive new boss prevents Geoff from fulfilling his wife’s dying wish, he is determined to get even.

Geoff secretly makes a device that will allow him to switch off remotely the controls of five systems in production. Then he quits his job and makes contact with a gang of burglars. Together they carry out five lucrative heists, but the gang wants more.....

No longer able to provide what they want and with his life under threat, how does Geoff get out?

A pacey revenge thriller that twists and turns all the way through..

“An intriguing storyline, Payback delivers what it promises. A complex plot, interesting characters, humor, mystery, and pathos all wrapped in up a plot centering on filial devotion. The main character's love for his wife, her demise, and reparations against the odious administrator who sullied her final wish provide a satisfying conclusion to a well-told story.”John W

Chris is an author who discovered the delicious agony (his words) of novel writing late in life.

He’s not retired, he has simply changed professions and is now a full-time novelist.

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Where were you born?

By webmaster | December 9, 2018

A simple question but, strangely, one to which I cannot give a straight answer. The reason is that I was born in India, in a city that is now in Pakistan, a different country. But memories of my childhood in a distant place at a historically interesting time have proved invaluable for providing the backdrop to my next novel. More…

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By Chris Calder | October 22, 2018

Hi! I’ve been out of touch for a while. Nothing sinister, it was only Life getting in the way, a succession of events that have kept me away from my keyboard. Now back in England permanently, we have much to get on with. I am delighted to tell you that I have a new publisher. We are working together towards launching…

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How kISmet was conceived

By Chris Calder | July 30, 2017

My new novel kISmet has just been launched. At last! How long does it take to write a complete novel? By ‘complete’ I mean a manuscript of conventional length — between seventy and eighty-five thousand words. From conception of the plot through to the finished work, it can take years. In the case of kISmet, the original plot idea was…

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