My Brother's Keeper

Trouble-shooting like never before! Dominic Barratt is a Catholic priest who is ordered to help, in secret, other priests with problems.

But he has his own demons to confront.

Once engaged to be married, Dominic split up with his fiancée Hazel to join the priesthood. Now she comes back into his life, hoping to convince him that he has made a mistake. She wants him to resign and marry her.

Already unsettled by events that challenge his faith, Dominic is tormented by his reawakened feelings for Hazel. Bound in conscience by his vows of Chastity and Obedience, he now faces a seemingly insoluble dilemma.

"...gripping, wonderfully dry humour...makes this book a joy to read...never less than mesmerizing." Doug Watts, literary editor.

" a Paulo Coelho novel without the overt spiritual element." Robin Garrett.

Chris is an author who discovered the delicious agony (his words) of novel writing late in life.

He’s not retired, he has simply changed professions and is now a full-time novelist.

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Following the successful re-launch of my novel Celeste Three is Missing in August, I am delighted to be able to tell you that my newest book, provisionally entitled Growing Apart, is close to completion. The first part of the story is set in India. Rupert Chilcott is an English civil servant who is sent there in 1936 to work for…

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