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It is a compilation of short stories and observations, offered to you with my compliments. Its purpose is to give you a feel for mywork. As an author I try never to lose sight of the fact that readers of fiction expect to be diverted and entertained. That said, not all of it is fiction.

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You will find my books below. Please do browse through my titles. You will find samples of the actual manuscript alongside more details of each title.

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Growing Apart

Twin mixed-race boys born in India are separated at birth

Growing Apart is about twin boys born in 1937 in India, of a clandestine relationship between an English civil servant and a vivacious Anglo-Indian woman. She dies in childbirth. One boy is adopted and raised in India. The other is taken by his natural father to England, where he enjoys a privileged middle-class English upbringing. The story builds to a climax when the twins finally meet in a scene where the life of one is in imminent danger.

A pacey revenge thriller that twists and turns all the way through.


A British politician becomes an ISIS target.

Celeste Three is Missing

A nerve-tingling
suspense thriller.

A priest suffers the torture of conflict between his duty and his ingrained beliefs.

Chris is an author who discovered the delicious agony (his words) of novel writing late in life.

He’s not retired, he has simply changed professions and is now a full-time novelist.

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There are human remains on the moon. The scientist who never got to the moon with NASA was Eugene Shoemaker, who tragically died in a car crash. But some of his remains, in the form of ashes, were taken to the moon on July 31st, 1999, on NASA's Luna 1 craft. They deliberately crashed it onto the surface, to honour Shoemaker.

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I was fortunate enough to be invited on to The Authors Show recently to discuss my novel, “My Brother’s Keeper”. You can listen to the full interview below. For interest, I have also included below a short piece I wrote about the book.   Behind the novel “My Brother′s Keeper”   Let’s get one thing straight: My Brother’s Keeper is…

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Do you recognise this building?

By Chris Calder | November 25, 2020

Do you recognise this building? Hands up if you know that it’s the stunning Lake Palace (now a hotel) on Lake Pichola in Udaipur, India. I took this photograph when visiting the area a few years ago. It was on my first trip back to India, the land of my birth, and to the state of Rajasthan. It was there,…

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Is the world a safer place?

By Chris Calder | January 9, 2020

Right now, in the first weeks of the first month of the first year of a new decade, is the world a safer place than it was last year? Or the year before? Somebody had just stuck a red hot poker into a hornet’s nest in the Middle East. The “bad” guys are not happy. But hey! The “most powerful…

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