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Hello, I’m Chris Calder. Thanks for dropping by; good to see you here!

Now, you wouldn’t buy a car without testing it, would you? Or bite into a pie without knowing what's inside? Of course not! Best to try it first! Here are short extracts from my books; each a ‘taster’ of the story and a sample of my style. The Read More buttons take you there. 

You can reach me on my ‘connect’ page; I truly welcome contact, and always reply. Go on, make my day!  

Twin mixed-race boys born in India are separated at birth

Growing Apart is about twin boys born in 1937 in India, of a clandestine relationship between an English civil servant and a vivacious Anglo-Indian woman. She dies in childbirth. One boy is adopted and raised in India. The other is taken by his natural father to England, where he enjoys a privileged middle-class English upbringing. The story builds to a climax when the twins finally meet in a scene where the life of one is in imminent danger.

A pacey revenge thriller that twists and turns all the way through.

A British politician becomes an ISIS target.

A nerve-tingling
suspense thriller.

A priest suffers the torture of conflict between his duty and his ingrained beliefs.

Chris is an author who discovered the delicious agony (his words) of novel writing late in life.

He’s not retired, he has simply changed professions and is now a full-time novelist.

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